The following warranty information covered for most of the products sold by Xeonmobiles ensures a hassle-free shopping experience to the customers. For other exceptional issues, please review the warranty exemptions and notes below.

One Year Repair Warranty

Xeonmobiles offers 1 year warranty starting from the date you receive the goods (Chip burns, Lcd Screen & RC quadcopter is not in the scope of this warranty). Any free repair needs to be confirmed with the manufacturer via Customer Service. Please note the free repair rule does not apply to motherboard, battery & screen. Items should be sent to abroad at Xeonmobiles cost, while customer will pay for the shipping fee / customs duty when returning the repaired item.


All the artificial factors cause the damage of the item is beyond the warranty, however customers can return it at their own cost and pay a fee for the repair.

Warranty Exemptions and Notes

  1. Natural product degradation through wear and tear, along with breakage/damage during use, is solely the customer's responsibility and is not covered by our warranties.
  2. If the customer has damaged/misused the item(s), the product's warranty is immediately rendered void. No compensation is available in such cases. However, customers are welcome to contact us to purchase a replacement or spare parts (if applicable). We will charge the original value of the components and a shipping fee to dispatch them.


The customer voids the warranty if they:

- Open the body in an attempt to fix the device
- Modify, remove, customize, or swap parts of the product
- Use the device in a way that it is not originally intended for
- Continue to use the item once a fault occurs and causes more damage
- Fails to contact us when the problem first occurs


  1. All returns must first be authorized by Xeonmobiles Support Team prior to return.

All items must be returned with the original packing. There should a seal on outside of the packging with a serial number provided in order for us to trace the items.


Special Notes:

Xeonmobiles offers 1 year warranty for Consumer Electronic products such as Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, and so on.

The scope of this warranty excludes all damages caused by artificial factors, like dis-assembly, misuse, drops, falls, water, unofficial firmwares, software modifications or similar causes both for computers and their accessories.